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Rare Master Tap Classes

with Rosie Radiator 

Saturday July 12, 2-4 pm and 

Saturday December 30, 2-4 pm 

Adults only 

For the tappers and tap teachers

who cannot take a once a week class.

For a taste of Loose Ankle Tap® technique

and improv fun with  MIDI Tap Electronics.  

Reservations required


Ask us to reserve a spot for you on

Saturday July 12, 2-4 pm


Saturday December 30, 2-4 pm 


or call 415 621 8277 




For tap dancers 

who want the Supershuffle

5 Day Intensive 

Loose Ankle Tap®


with Rosie Radiator 

Wed July 12 noon- Sun July 16 5pm

 Wed Dec 27 noon- Sunday 31 5pm

Tap Dance Room 2901 Mariposa Street

San Francisco California.



            When you stop using your feet you find

           that two brushes do not equal a shuffle. 

Since 1973 we have been re acquainting dancers and teachers with the pathway that produces natural tap dancing through the human body. Loose Ankle Tap® is the universal deep tap technique all the great tappers used by feel, but they could never explain it because it felt so natural. It allows you to mentally and physically trigger the impulses that spiral through your body and produce effortless amazing brush steps, flaps, riffs, riffles, walking riffs, slug slides graboffs, pullbacks, nerve taps, Supershuffles™ and much more. 

The San Francisco Supershuffle™ has been the signature step of the SF Tap Teams since the 80's. Most dancers come to learn the Supershuffle™ which we love to share but the most exciting effect on the dancer is the opening of the path to their own natural style. Teachers love Loose Ankle Tap® because it breaks down all the actual tap technique that, as with any serious technique, is invisible.

The workshop training is nurturing and very structured and a lot has to happen in a short time so to make sure you get what you came for we cannot allow late entry or early exit from the posted workshop schedule. 

Workshop daily scheduled sessions are 11-3 and 4-8pm every day with short breaks.  The first day we start at noon and the last day we end at 5 pm.

San Francisco is an exciting city, and you must be over 21 to participate in the workshop, but with an 8 hour a day schedule we encourage you to keep sightseeing,social engagements and such to a minimum to stay well rested.  No observation is allowed. Maximum clients per session 4. Sorry but we can not help you with housing.  We recommend you check out Ft. Mason Hostel if you are counting pennies.(and who isn't)

July and December workshops are $1000 each.  Some scholorships are available from Soundancing 501c3 Inc.

A deposit of $200 holds your spot.

If after paying you are unable to attend the workshop for personal or travel reasons no refund is given but the full amount will be credited to a future workshop.  If, after taking the full workshop, you feel a refund is desired, we will accommodate you immediately.  (No one has ever asked, but we want you to be reassured)

All workshop clients must include a phone interview with staff .  To arrange the interview or get more info on scholorships and sign up call 415 621 8277 M-F 12-5.


 July workshop 3 spots remain 

December Workshop 4 spots remain

Register early as these workshops always sell out.  

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